Bosses of Technology

We are Oak Grove Middle School's most diverse team.  
Students are welcome from all grade levels, experience levels, genders, and ethnicities.  

Team members: Alba, Paul, Ocyrus, Ben, Emma, Joey, Eric
Mentor: George Schott
Coach: Katie Moore
Team Sponsor: 

The BOTs meet every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after school until 6:30pm.
Our Qualifying Tournament is scheduled for December 7 at Stewart Middle School in Tampa.

Paul and Emma after talking with Lori Collins of the Pinellas County Public Safety Services
Joey and Paul programming
Alba designing the project
Joey and Paul surprised by the camera (Sorry guys.  I'm a mom - I take pictures)
Joey and Paul running a mission 
Emma and Paul creating encouraging notes to pass out to other teams

Alba and Emma researching

Ben and Joey working on a pivot wheel with Capt. George

Ninja Pa

Alba, Ocyrus, and Emma "on a mission"

Oh, my - hand a boy a camera - endless amusement

Alba, Eric, Ocyrus, and Emma with Coach Katie